NAMI’s 30 Year Celebration!

Join us in New Orleans on November 12th through the 15th, 2019 to celebrate NAMI’s 30-year service to the fenestration industry!

This year’s meeting will be filled with informative information, covering such topics as:

  • NFRC
  • Energy Star
  • Canada EnergyStar
  • NAFS/ASTM Standard Changes
  • Fire Ratings
  • TDI and Florida Application Process
  • and more!

Everyone attending will be invited to participate in panel symposiums on manufacturing and related topics.

In addition to the invaluable information, the event will be filled with entertainment and surprises for all.

Save the date and join us for a wonderfully informative and fun-filled time!

For more information:

NFRC Certification Cycle Change

Beginning March 1, 2016, the NFRC fenestration product certification cycle will change from a 4 year cycle to a 5 year cycle. On October 30, 2015, the NFRC Board of Directors approved extending the NFRC certification cycle and with careful consideration, decided that the change would not be retroactive. This only applies to products certified or recertified on or after March 1, 2016. The timeline for this implementation will allow NFRC the time needed to update and test the Certified Products Directory and the Attachments Directory to accomodate the changes.

For more information, please refer to the bulletin distributed November 12, 2015.

Insulating Glass

All NFRC Licensees who assemble insulating glass must participate in an approved NFRC IG Program. For NFRC licensees who buy their insulating glass from a supplier, they must provide evidence that the IG units that they are using are certified by an NFRC approved IG Program. All IG units or products must bear a certification mark or label identifying that the IG unit is certified.

Frequent questions occur regarding muntins, blinds and internal components. Any IG with internal components must be tested to ASTM E2189 for fogging. If your IG units with internal components has not tested and certified, then these products cannot bear the NFRC Certification Label.

Click here for the NFRC Website

Quality Assurance

Don't let the word "Quality Assurance" scare you! Quality Assurance is a mind-set, and if the "CEO" of the company grasps the importance of this concept, then it is often carried successfully throughout the entire company.

NAMI requires licensee to review their quality assurance manuals every year. Designate members of your company to sit down and review the manual and processes of your company. The input from other employees is invaluable!

Once the manual has been reviewed, make sure the revisions are implemented in both the manual and in your processes. The manual should reflect your revision date and your document control number should be reflected on each page. Quality assurance will make you a better company!

Structural Testing

All NAMI licensees that are preparing to do prototype or re-testing for structural certification for windows and sliding doors, should be testing to the AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-11 test method. For side-hinged doors, they may also use that standard but have the flexibility to use just the ASTM E330-02. Remember to review the test method to determine if it designates a minimum test size, however, in all cases, test the largest size that your manufacturing facility would produce (must meet or exceed minimum test size if designated by specification).