Why certify? The Certification and Inspection Process provides the buyer with Quality Assurance that the product that they are purchasing is the same product that was tested by an independent laboratory and will perform to the level which the test report reflects.

Certified Products Listing

Click “Directory” on the upper right portion of this page to review products that are certified. If you need assistance with the directory, please contact NAMI at (804) 684-5124 or nami@namiinc.com

Looking for a Code

The certification label or mark bears a code that allows traceability of the product. If you cannot find the code on our website, please contact NAMI at (804) 684-5124 or nami@namiinc.com. NAMI will direct you to the manufacturer of the product.

NAMI Certification Mark

The certification label or mark will have NAMI’s registered mark as seen below.

How do I know if the product is certified?

Look for the certification label or certification mark! All products must bear a Certification Label or Mark to be deemed a certified product. The NAMI Certification Mark is Registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.