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Supplier Product Type Part Type
Extruded PVC FramesExtruded PVC Frames
Radisson Industries, Inc.Multi-Bar HingesFriction Hinges
Radisson Industries, Inc.2 Bar HingesFriction Hinges
Acme Window Hardware, Ltd.Heavy Duty Series 011SS-28″ Projected HingeFriction Hinges
Apollo Building Products, Inc.Insulating Glass
Royal Window and Door Profiles, Plant 9Extruded PVC FramesExtruded PVC Frames
Royal Window and Door Profiles, Plant 8Extruded PVC FramesExtruded PVC Frames
Energi Fenestration Solutions / Laval PlantExtruded PVC FramesExtruded PVC Frames
AAA Test SupplierAAA Test Product Type This is just a test product type.Rotary Operators
Northern Architechural Products (2007), Inc.Pile Weatherstrip with Fin, RFCF018720-3P-GYClass A-Extra High Performance Pile Weatherstripping
Schlegel Systems, Inc.Aptus Kerf Bulb Seal AP-412 (12/06)_x000D_ Aptus T-Slot Bulb Seal AP-405 (06)_x000D_ Aptus T-Slot Bulb Seal AP-525 (06)_x000D_ Polyflex Kerf SEal PF-154 (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Kerf Seal QWS-LS (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Kerf Seal QWS-21 (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Kerf Seal QEZD-300 (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Kerf Seal QEZD-320 (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Pocket Seal QWS-530 (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Surface Mount QWS-3/8″ (06)_x000D_ Q-Lon Surface Mount QWS-6×6 (06)_x000D_ Q-Lon T-Slot 190 Series (12/06)_x000D_ Q-Lon T-Slot 270 Series (12/06)Class A-Extra High Performance Replaceable Weatherseals
Amesbury Group-Extruded Division12001 (02/06)_x000D_ 12003 (02/06)_x000D_ 12139 (02/06)_x000D_ 32002 (02/06)_x000D_ 32007 (02/06)_x000D_ 32010 (02/06)_x000D_ 32324 (02/06)_x000D_ 32404 (02/06)Class A-Extra High Performance Replaceable Weatherseals
Amesbury Group, Inc.-PA0063BK (01/06)_x000D_ 1153WH (01/06)Class A-Extra High Performance Replaceable Weatherseals
Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics CorporationIupilon E2000U-Extrusion Grade_x000D_ Polycarbonate, UV StabilizedPolycarbonate
Ultrafab, Inc.10 Series Bulb Seal (12/06)_x000D_ 14 Series Bulb Seal (12/06)_x000D_ 18 Series Bulb Seal (12/06)Class A-Extra High Performance Replaceable Weatherseals
Amesbury Group, Inc.-NC0066 (01/06)_x000D_ 0067 (01/06)_x000D_ 0068 (01/06)_x000D_ 0069 (01/06)_x000D_ 0075 (01/06)_x000D_ 0108 (01/06)_x000D_ Glidefit 30 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Glidefit Quiet 30 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Glidefit 45 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Glidefit II 45 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Glidefit Quiet 45 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Windo-fin 45 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Windo-fin Quiet 45 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Windo-pile 30 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Windo-pile 45 Density (01/06)_x000D_ Windo-pile 75 Density (01/06)_x000D_Class D-General Performance Pile Weatherstripping
Ultrafab, Inc.Soft-Touch Fin Light Density (7/05)Class B-High Performance Pile Weatherstripping
KeyMark CorporationHigh Performance Organic Coatings
Alcoa Extrusions (SD)High Performance Organic Coatings
General Aluminum Corp. (TX)Pigmented Organic Coatings
Fujian Mifian AluminumPigmented Organic Coatings
Frontier Aluminum (CA)Pigmented Organic Coatings
Cuprum, S.A.Pigmented Organic Coatings