Please forward a picture of the label on your product, so we can trace the manufacturer for you. Please email: beth@namiinc.com. She will get back to you regarding the information that is found.


Certification Requires Labeling

How do I know if the product is certified? Click here for answers to those important questions and more.

Certified Products Listing

If you need assistance with the program directory, please contact the NAMI Office at 804 684 5124.

NAMI Program Application

Program Application for application and details for enrollment in a NAMI certification program.

Comments, Complaints or Questions?

For comments, complaints or questions, please feel free to contact us at 804 684 5124

National Accreditation & Management Institute, Inc.

Certification, Inspection and Quality Assurance Services provided to the Building Industry in accordance with International Guidelines as set forth in ISO/IEC 17065 & 17020. We specialize in Fenestration and Building Envelope Products which includes, but not limited to, Windows, Patio Doors, Skylights, Entrance Doors, Sidelights, Transoms, Glazing Wall Systems, Site-Built, Insulating Glass Products, Soffit, Fascia and Building Components.

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Do you have a fenestration or building envelope product that you would like NAMI to certify?
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